Ultra-modern Data Center

Take advantage of having your dedicated hosting server in a high-tech US data center in Chicago, Illinois. Our US data center will offer supreme connectivity options, as a result of its extensive peering network and access to a number of the main Internet backbones. You'll also enjoy 24/7 support, courtesy of our well-trained technical support team.Furthermore, with all of our US dedicated servers, you can experience 99.9% guaranteed network uptime. This means your websites and web apps will be constantly available on the Internet. Ultra-modern Data Center

Full Root Access

Our dedicated hosting servers are fully customizable to suit your needs. With each server you'll get full root access, which means you'll be able to modify everything software-wise on your server - starting from reconfiguring the way the Apache functions to setting up a whole new operating system. Also, you'll be able to connect with your server’s command prompt from any machine with an SSH client as well as a terminal app.You will have root access with all dedicated hosting servers and operating systems. Yet, dedicated servers, ordered with our Web Hosting Control Panel don’t offer root access. Full Root Access
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  • Check out exactly what makes our dedicated hosting servers stand out from all the rest. Learn how purchasing a dedicated hosting server from Altcoin VPS will help your website grow.
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  • Free Web Apps

  • Install more than 40 popular web applications with no configuration needed, right from your Web Control Panel.

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  • SSL Certificates

  • The web’s most dependable SSL certificates offered at special prices. Take advantage of an automated SSL installation & setup procedure with Altcoin VPS.

  • Domain Names

  • .ACADEMY - $29.49/year
  • .BARGAINS - $28.99/year
  • .CAFE - $29.49/year
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Powerful Server Hardware

If you are looking for a dedicated hosting server with impressive hardware, peerless performance and minimal failure rate - you've come to the right place. Each of Altcoin VPS’s dedicated hosting servers offers only hardware that we have personally tested, which have proved to be good at numerous checks and in all types of circumstances. This is actually the best way we can guarantee that your server will continue to work properly, regardless of what your site or app is.Plus, all our dedicated hosting servers are located in our high-tech USA data center, providing 99.9% network uptime and perfect connectivity to the world. Powerful Server Hardware

Unlimited Hosted Domains

Have total control of all of your domain names with Altcoin VPS’s dedicated servers. With each of the dedicated servers, you can have an unlimited number of domain names hosted at your account at no further cost, no matter if you're using cPanel, DirectAdmin or our customized Web Hosting Control Panel. As a result, you can handle everything from one single server, allowing it to function as a core of your online presence. Unlimited Hosted Domains

Free Hosting Tools

If you'd like to make money with your dedicated hosting server from Altcoin VPS, you can quickly turn it into a reseller hosting server and launch your own personal hosting company. And not only is that achievable, when using the free of charge tools provided with our dedicated servers, it can be done quite simple.You'll have available a free domain reseller account, enabling you to sell domain names at attractive rates and also free of charge billing software, which can effortlessly communicate with your server’s WHM as well as your domain name reseller account. You can benefit from our 24/7 tech support if you have any inquiries. Free Hosting Tools

Free Control Panel

Dedicated server management can be challenging, with the sheer number of things that can be done at any moment. If you just want to focus on building your web sites and web applications and enable the server to operate quietly in the background, we have the best solution for you in the face of our no charge Web Hosting Control Panel. With an intuitive interface and no learning curve, it allows you to begin handling your web site once your server is installed.With a variety of free of charge bonuses, useful tools and dedicated website accelerators, you'll be able to quickly take your site to the next level Free Control Panel